Some examples of my engagements within the last years:



Music for theatre performances


e. g.

  • 2013-2014: „DALI“ by BEER Muziektheater in Amsterdam, NL – Arrangement and performance

  • 2014: „Alleen in Berlijn“ by Toneelgroep Maastricht, NL – Concept and performance

  • 2015: „Het Slecht Bewaakte Meisje“ (youth production) by Toneelgroep Oostpool in Arnhem, NL – Composition and rehearsal conducting



Music performances at private or public events


2015: e. g.

  • HECTAS "Segelincentive" in Enkhuizen, NL (with Paul&Mike) - Corporation event

  • Architectuurprijs Achterhoek“ in Doetinchem, NL (with Almost Under) – Award ceremony

  • Die Leute gucken“ by Sarah Ludes in Siegburg, GER – Exhibition opening

  • Jubilee event of the „Freundeskreis Einsatztruppenversorger BONN e. V." in Bonn, GER (duo with David Rittel)


2014: e. g.

  • Wandelfeest“ in Arnhem, NL (jazz duo with Jort Terwijn) – Cultural walking tour

  • Achterhoeks Lentediner“ in Den Haag, NL (with Almost Under) – Networking event for corporations and politicians

  • MVO-Masterclass in Arnhem, NL (with Almost Under) – Advanced training for employees

  • Uitreiking Arnhemse Stadsprijs voor Vrijwilligerswerk“ in Arnhem, NL (with Almost Under) – Award ceremony


2013: e. g.

  • Lange Taofel“ in Sinderen, NL (with Almost Under) – Dinner show

  • several performances (with „Cello Only“) for the fashion label „Sjaak Hullekes“ from Arnhem, NL – e. g. Amsterdam Fashion Week, Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam, Modefabriek Amsterdam

  • Piment Politiek Café“ in Doetinchem, NL (with Almost Under) – Political talk show

  • 175 Schouwburg Arnhem“ (jazz duo with Phillip Rüttgers) – Jubilee event



Studio work as a cello player


e. g. for

  • Rinus Aarts/B-Wave Studios in Arnhem, NL – Volkswagen spot (2013), Infinity spot (2014), DVP spot (2014)

  • Gabriel Heinrich – Film music for „Override“ 2013

  • Mareike Lenz – several compositions, 2012-2014

  • Hartog (singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, NL) – album „No hero“ 2012